WISE set to launch in NZ

Wine Industry Sales Education academy set to launch in Central Otago Bruce McGechan is set to launch Wine Industry sales Education (WISE) Academy in Central Otago 25th November 2015. Kiwi Cellar door staff to me more forward and less reliant on the pour and hope model when selling wine, leading Central Otago businessman Bruce McGeehan’s…
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Wine Purchases

Wine Purchases Looking for the that  gift for the wine lover? Wineries have dedicated sales personnel on board to help guide you. I thoroughly recommend purchasing wine direct from the wineries, there is no one better to tell the story than them. Cases of 12 are usually free for delivery through out New Zealand.  I…
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In the Vineyards Winter 2016

We are now halfway through June 2016 - the vines are dormant and the pruning is well under way.  I have the greatest respect for the people who are out there in freezing temperatures day after day.  All jobs are important in the vineyard particulary pruning, apart from the temperatures it is physical and vital…
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